Posted by: amylamb | November 8, 2009

Please Don’t Cattle Prod the Humans

cattle_herdCommunity is good, conformity is not. Allow me to explain:

When I was a young lass (or rather, young-er), my grandmother came home with 5 bacon cheeseburgers for 5 grandchildren (including myself). It did not go over well. Why? Because we each have different likes and dislikes, preferences and peeves. The lesson?
Don’t expect everyone to conform to the same standard.

And yet, we do it anyway. We all flock to the same standard because we assume that if it is widely accepted, then it must be best. We allow ourselves to “fall into” our place in life, in relationships, in society because that’s just where we “ended up.” But in reality, that’s where we were led – by the herd. And that’s where we go wrong – we have left the initiative to mass marketers, mass educators, mass – not personal – leaders.
Leaders who expect everyone to conform to the same standard.

What if you took the initiative to change your destination? What if you aimed for graduation in 2 years instead of 4? (Who says it has to take us 4-6 years to graduate)? What if you applied for the job for which you are unqualified, regardless of the status quo security of your current position?

Even if you fail, at least you won’t be among those who know neither success nor failure because they stayed with the status quo. More often than not, those who break away are the ones who truly do something great.

My point? Don’t just follow the herd. It likely won’t lead you anywhere but ordinary.



  1. Wow! Powerful blog! I love the concept. Great writing Amy!

  2. Amy, the same can be said of following of God and participating within the Body. Are we doing things according to Scripture or are we doing things simply because the Church has done them that since, well however long, it has incorrectly done things. Do we all just follow because we are expected to or because it is right to follow? The only way change occurs when people act on their convictions and are willing to challenge the status quo. Good blog, Amy.

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