Posted by: amylamb | December 1, 2009

Coming Alive

What makes you come alive?

An iron cage of necessity plagues our generation and corrupts our perception of what is truly necessary. This is the first generation that has been raised in a completely technological society in which the primary purpose of our time is simply to be as productive as possible. Though we are an extraordinarily productive generation, this rampant rationalization leaves us fiercely suppressing our souls.

When there’s simply no room for anything but rationale and productivity, what then do we do with our souls?

We cultivate them. Note the distinct difference between entertaining and cultivating – we are not to seek a temporary satisfaction of our longing to break free from the demands of productivity through mindless entertainment but rather, through rich interaction. Gain some wisdom, enjoy creativity, and love deeply. That’s cultivation.

Talk to your grandfather – he knows this principle well. It’s manifested through his simple request to, “slow down for a minute and come sit with me a while.” His generation knows well the value of simply being.

So slow down, back up, and take some time to cultivate – not entertain – your soul.
Your productivity will be richer for it.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to tell my grandchildren someday that my generation once was dead, but now, it lives.

Psalm 42:1.



  1. Wow you sound like a female version of Mitchell. That is a compliment btw. I totally agree; many of us are so busy being productive (making money, checking of to do lists, etc) that we have no time for rest and contemplation.

    • Will – that’s one of the best compliments you could ever have given me. Thanks. 🙂

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