Posted by: amylamb | January 1, 2010

Wisdom to Remember: 2009 Edition

Every January, I embark to remember the valuable lessons learned through the experiences of each year. Every December 31, I sit down to reflect, laugh, and maybe even share a little. I know it’s long, but hey – you can learn a lot in a whole year.

1. To live obediently is to live not by God’s limitations, but by His intentions.
2. The level of growth one achieves is directly related to the level of risk taken to get there.

3. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an experience is worth a thousand pictures.
4. Faith doesn’t give up, so neither should we.
5. Easy is not synonymous with good.
6. Optimism is a sorry excuse for hope.
7. One cannot be righteous without being free.
8. I really, really do not like olives.
9. Success is not a lack of regret but an abundance of grace.
10. Repentance leaves no regret.
11. Fear is only unsurrendered uncertainty.
12. The only true danger for a follower of Christ is his comfort zone.
13. Comfort is overrated.
14. Discipleship is simply supernatural improvement.
15. Love wisely, not sparingly.
16. Heretics are often the best leaders.
17. Authority hinders change, and ultimately, progress.
18. Leadership doesn’t.
19. The light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at the source.
20. It is not about what you are experiencing, but what God is accomplishing.
21. We can reach anyone we are willing to learn from.
22. To impress is of much lesser value than to impact.
23. Always confirm one’s co-pay before attending 9 doctor’s appointments within a 3-week period (or you shall receive an abundance of $5 bills in the mail).
24. Proposal, not persuasion.
25. It’s probably better for everyone if I just stay off the golf course.
26. Delegation is not a sign of weakness, but wisdom.
27. Culture dictates. Don’t choose one, create one.
28. “Good enough” is not enough.
29. Either truth demands change, or knowledge is vain.
30. Crisis moments are defining moments.
31. My ottoman is not a cupholder (neither does it stain evenly).
32. Cultivation, not entertainment.
33. Adventure doesn’t hang around the status quo.
34. Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to consume an entire teaspoon of cinnamon at once.
35. Every great leader must follow one.
36. The nature of the foundation defines the nature of the apex.
37. I am a strong believer in afternoon tea.
38. Motivate, not dictate.
39. Let it go.
40. Excellence requires the audacity to dare greatly.
41. Therefore, fear never results in excellence.
42. Don’t be afraid.
2010, I’m ready for you!


  1. Haha this was a great list. I loved #16 haha there is hope for me yet! lol.

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