Posted by: amylamb | January 9, 2010


If you were recruiting an army for a significant, world-altering battle, would you choose the soldier with little to no resolve to win?

Resolve is the defining factor between a soldier and a warrior. It’s the difference between normalcy and significance. It’s the necessary ingredient to success, and I submit that you just can’t stand out without it. But there’s a catch: Your resolve must aim higher than your current circumstance.

In a nutshell, swimming upstream in the tide of an incredibly influential culture of complacency doesn’t just happen – it is premeditated, predetermined and intentional. Need an example? Take a look at the 70 Life Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards.

Because I don’t want to drown in the tide of complacency, I choose to resolve to be different. My life resolutions are coming soon – what are yours?

2 Thessalonians 1:10-12


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