Posted by: amylamb | April 30, 2010

A Bottle of Perfume

I have a bottle of perfume.
It sits atop my dresser, unused, untouched, awaiting.
Waiting for its layer of dust to be blown away, its top loosened, and its aroma released.
But it is far too treasured to be used in haste.
And one thing I know – I’m not worth the treasure.

And so it sits, my bottle of perfume
Atop my dresser, its value chained within
Yet fleeting while I wait.

That is, until today, I met a King
Who is worthy of far more than my bottle of perfume.
And yet, it’s all I have to give.
If only the aroma I unchain could reach
One who is worthy of this offering.

But the King, he’s quickly passing by
A moment more, he’ll be beyond
The sweet scent of my bottle of perfume.
But this one thing I know, I have decided
that He is worth the treasure.
So I lift the glass enclosure
And slowly loosen the top
No, I must move faster now
For He is quickly passing by
Oh, don’t pass me by
For here is my bottle of perfume
Poured out, wasted, spent and absorbed
At Your feet.

You see, this bottle of perfume is all I have to give
Not money, nor words, nor skill
But merely my affection.
Though small, it is the sweetest of them all.
What do I call this offering
Waste or folly or insanity?
Perhaps, but I am unaware
That the King has called it beauty.

What’s your bottle of perfume? Don’t let its value pass you by …
Pour yourself out. For your bottle of perfume was made for such a time as this.
Don’t keep your King awaiting.


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