Posted by: amylamb | May 10, 2010

Summer Culinary Adventure: Meat Loaf

It has begun.
(That was my attempt to insert some degree of nobility into this post, granted that no one has any reason to read it except for maybe my mom).

I spent approximately 32 minutes in SuperTarget today (yes, I timed myself) and came out underbudget for this weeks’ groceries. Why is it that one can have an inch-thick stack of coupons and a cart full of groceries without a single match?

Dinner preparation took approximately 46 minutes (yes, I timed myself again) because cooking meat loaf in the microwave takes much longer than you think (don’t judge me for choosing the microwave over the oven). Potatoes were a tad bit undercooked but not noticeably. And green beans are just green beans. You can’t mess them up (unless of course, you throw in two handfuls of stale almonds. But that culprit shall remain unnamed :)).

I also learned the art of dishwasher geometry after dinner. They don’t teach that in college – maybe I do need a homemaking degree.

Day 1: Meat loaf conquered.



  1. Hey Amy,

    I time myself also and it is so great to hear that I am not alone in that. I love the reference to dishwasher geometry, it is so true. Well, I look forward to future stories from you.

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