Posted by: amylamb | May 18, 2010

Summer Culinary Adventure: Baked Mac n Cheese

Tonight, I embarked upon a Widemire recipe. Yeah, I know – epic.

There’s not too much to note here except for the baked mac n cheese really turns into a casserole once you throw in some ground beef and peas (but it’s yummy nonetheless and turns into a full meal without any extra cooking). Oh, and I had a cantaloupe in the fridge which I forgot to cut. Sounds like lunch tomorrow.

I’m a tad bit tempted to push the garlic quantity a little farther just to see how much is too much. But I’m afraid of the conquences.

Burn #5: Achieved. I promise I am really not doing this on purpose. At least I’ll have plenty of souvenirs from this adventure.

What’s next on the menu? Great question … any suggestions?



  1. Some sort of fish…salmon maybe?

  2. You should wear the ove-gloves on both hands during the entire cooking process to avoid burns.

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