Posted by: amylamb | May 28, 2010

Business to Attend To

It’s Friday morning and I have approximately 50 hours left in the States. Within this 50 hours, I must spend at least one at the bank (apparently these adventures cost money – sheesh), delegate the rest of my tasks at work, say farewell to a few really special people, answer “yes” to the 873498347th “have you” question from my parents (relax Ma, I can handle Europe), and, well, pack. (No, of course I haven’t started yet. Don’t be deceived by the picture – that was last year :)).

Once these 50 hours are up, I must depart for another adventure, this time in Southern Europe. This adventure is 8 months in the making, 2 months in length, highly anticipated and incredibly favored by He who ordained it. I have never received such an outpouring of support as has been shown over this upcoming exploit. I don’t deserve it, but I will happily accept and invest it to yield the return of its utmost potential.

I’m at peace today. It hasn’t been an easy past couple of weeks – doubt, anxiety, and a really long to-do list. This is fairly normal for a week before a big departure, but in the past I have merely fortified myself against it. This time, He spoke so clearly through it: “Won’t you let me break you?” That was the key – to relax in the pain and let Him strengthen me through it.

Even so, this surrender doesn’t de-legitimate the concerns that come with an exploit such as this. Perhaps the biggest is my health, which hasn’t been in the best shape this year. I acknowledge the fact that I am not invincible, but I also acknowledge that my mortality does not negate the mandate to go. So, join me in presenting this concern to the Lord. That he would teach me to care for myself well and that He would be active in healing care where it is needed. His definition of safety is different than ours, and He only asks that we do not fear.

Okay, that’s all I have to say here, folks. Thanks for being a healthy body to me. For now, I must be off to Europe. I have some business to attend to. (Luke 2:49, NKJV).



  1. Amy!
    I just wanted to let you know that I am really excited for your trip, and have been and will continue to be praying for you. Cannot wait for our reunion! I have been scoping out the perfect “Amy gift”. It shall be marvelous! I love you BIG! =) God is going to do great things this summer… AHHH! And for some reason He picked us to get to see it first hand. Big blessings on you, Friend!
    Much Love,

    p.s. somehow… not sure how… I have actually begun to enjoy this whole blogging thing. I have to admit, you have been a sort of muse for me. Maybe someday I can be half the writer as my BFF.

  2. Oh yeah, and still didn’t figure out the picture thing… I made it HTML and then clicked at image. It went through the whole loading bar thing but then there was no picture. Do I have to do something else? I had already finished the whole blog… should I do it before?

  3. Morgan darling,

    I can’t tell you how honored I am to be your muse! I’ll add it to my resume.

    After you load the image, you have to click ‘show’ to insert it into the post. It may still be in the gallery (tab on the image pop up window) and you can insert it from there without uploading it again.Basically, you have to upload it by browsing for it, then insert it by clicking ‘show’. Let me know if you run into anything else.

    Love getting to share this with you, friend. Praying for you- big love!

  4. Excellent post Amy. Very good word. Travel safe.

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