Posted by: amylamb | June 1, 2010

So here’s the story: May 31 & June 1

After 35 hours of traveling, I have, at last arrived. All is well, except for an unusually loud  yet unseen buzzing insect currently traveling within my abode. I shall exercise my dominion over said creature shortly.

And no, it wasn’t supposed to take 35 hours to get here (and that was with a great deal of favor). Long story short, I ended up getting to spend 8 and a half hours in Slovenia, where I got my passport stamped (one more up on you, dad), explored the capital city, had dinner at an outdoor cafe, and got to share truth with two American young adults. I’m really glad that delay happened.

So I arrived at 1:15 Tuesday morning into a torrential downpour (which would be the only shower I would receive that evening … the water is on a timer) and came straight to my apartment, which I share with a long-term colleague here. I slept all night and woke up to the thought, “oh, sunlight! Now I can see what this place looks like!”

I had the morning off, so I took a shower (WE HAVE HOT WATER! WHAT!), unpacked and then headed on a walking tour of the city with another long-term colleague and my partner for the summer. We had chicken curry sandwiches for lunch, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the center where I will work. We planned our summer class schedule and sorted through teaching material. I also met G there, who will be my translator and language tutor (!) throughout the summer. She is a dear sister and I’m grateful for the friendship full of laughter and encouragement that is already forming with her.

Later, I went with G to drop some food donations off with one family and then to her home to meet her family. I love the hospitality of the culture and had a sweet time with this family. Please talk to Dad about this family who remains united even through divided faiths.
We spent the rest of the evening at a coffee bar with colleagues and members of G’s family. I think perhaps my adrenal glands will be mush from caffeine and my lungs 3 shades darker from secondhand smoke by the time I return. But I suppose it’ll be worth it.

By the way: It’s 59 degrees here right now. In June. In the Northern Hemisphere. Try not to be jealous. 🙂
Also, 3 of my colleagues here are sick. Dad needs to hear from you about that. K thanks!
Sorry for the long update. I forgive you if you skimmed and rejoice with you if you made it this far.
Tung! (Goodbye in local dialect)



  1. My trick on the coffee is to put lots of cream in it if its offered. Glad you are settling in.

  2. Hey friend! Glad you made it! I did read the WHOLE thing and yes I am jealous of your pleasant weather… It is consistently 95+ here… usually feels hotter because of the 120% humidity. But I am having a great time! Just in case you didn’t see the blog, FB is blocked here and that is a little (a lot) annoying, but hopefully it will be back soon. =)

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