Posted by: amylamb | June 4, 2010

June 2-4

Have I mentioned that I love Europe?

Sorry about the delay in blogging. My heart is so at peace here but I am finding that being online makes me tense and restless. My days here are focused and peaceful and technology seems to have a corrupting effect on my spirit … I was bummed about buying a cell phone today. It was necessary just to keep in touch with my team around the city, but I thoroughly enjoyed having nothing to check the past few days. Anyway, I’ll try to make this fast. 🙂

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in cultural orientation and preparation for our classes beginning next week. We have been passing out flyers, registering students and preparing our curriculum for the summer. Between my partner and me, we will teach 3 classes, a women’s group, a coffeeshop night and a movie night. This will provide ample opportunities to build strong relationships in an already reputable context within the community.

When we’re not at the community center, we’re probably having coffee somewhere. I have spent more money on coffee than I have on food (and coffee is 1 euro a cup). Seriously, people. I don’t think we have built one relationship that was not over coffee. It’s outrageous yet wonderful.

Brantley from UM is here visiting from a nearby country, so our group of Americans went into tourist mode for a couple of hours. We found the infamous gold statue of Bill Clinton here in the capital city. Haha. That’s all I have to say about that.

We went to a volleyball game last night. It lasted 3 hours. And the police were called in to tame the crowd. It was an educational experience but I’m glad I have something else in my life to be excited about besides a ball filled with air.

We had dinner (and coffee) with a few nationals after the game. I met a young woman who is studying here and we plan to go hiking soon. I’m excited about that.

I spent this evening with G’s family once more. I love this family – we had goulash (and coffee) together and the mother told me about their experiences in the war several years ago. She is a fascinating woman who has led an intriguing life, always loving and outrageously generous (though she does not know the One who gives every good thing). Mm. How I long to share true freedom.

I do love this place.



  1. We will pray for her to know Him. Great post and update Amy. Be safe.

  2. So glad to see that you taking advantage of your opportunity to broaden your horizon with a healthy portion of VOLLEYBALL! Although, I am sad that your first volleyball game was not with me… I would have explained what was happening so you would not be so confused. Oh, and if you come back addicted to caffeine, Kala and I will be forced to intervene. You see, that is just not healthy. =) However, I am drinking ungodly amounts of the most amazing chi tea known to man. Fear not, I will bring some home and share with you… if you are good. Well, I must go now. Love you BIG!

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