Posted by: amylamb | June 7, 2010

June 5-7

Greetings America.
I have a confession to make (and I reasoned that the close intimate context of a worldwide blog with 150+ views per week would be the place to do so).
I think that maybe, perhaps, I may not know my own language as well as I thought I did.(Seriously, people. How am I supposed to explain why occurrences are in the evening but on the weekend? Or that you go across town on the bus, in a taxi or by foot? Can someone please explain to me this phenomenon? I need to know so that I do not plunge into the depths of confusion over why the plural of ox is oxen but the plural of box is not boxen).
But I’m coming clean. And I’m armed with a Grammar handbook. So maybe, perhaps, I can at least pretend like I know my own language enough to teach it to others.
I’ll keep you posted with further developments.

I now sit upon my balcony enjoying a moderate amount of sunshine on my sabbath day. The temperature has risen to a comfortable 74 (it may stop rising now, I am satisfied) and I have spent the majority of the past two days outside (but I am still as pasty white as I was when I left. Tell me how this is true).  My roommate and I went on an adventure on Saturday which included the old part of the city, a fantastic old marketplace, and, of course, coffee. A couple of friends joined us during the latter part of the coffee portion and we proceeded to walk across the city in meaningful conversation. Later that day, we opened the coffeehouse (where I learned how to make my own coffee. Yes, I am moving up in the world) and though we had some good conversation, it was a bit of a slow night. Pray for attendance to pick up and for meaningful conversations to ensue.

We had worship in the local dialect (!) on Sunday, went out to lunch in a beautiful garden restaurant (and the meal was still less than $3.50 – score), and visited the home and family of a friend. I spent yesterday evening planning for various events that will take place soon, including a book study on Esther and quiltmaking with the ladies group. That’s right, folks. I have decided that we are going to make a simple block quilt together this summer, with each woman making a block of her own to describe her in some way. I am working now to gather the needed supplies and I’m excited about the time with the ladies to sew, learn and get to know them. And I have no idea what I’m doing. This amuses me more than it concerns me.

Classes start tomorrow. I’m excited. In the mean time, I need to go learn my own language …

Diten e mire!
P.S. I’m up to about 20 words in the local dialect. I’m going to learn the rest tomorrow. All of them. I’ll let you know how that goes.



  1. Amy, you never cease to make me smile. Your thoughts just cause me to both laugh and feel comforted at the same time.


    Haha, I loved reading the stuff…keep “Wrighting.”

  2. AMY! You must know that I find comfort in your inability to explain the English language. At least you knew you would be teaching ESL… I, on the other hand, never claimed to know the ins ad outs of my own language and am now teaching ESL as well. I did NOT know that was going to happen… no handbook. Yeah, it’s funny isn’t it… me, of all people, teaching ENGLISH!!! I feel your pain. It also pleases me to see that are starting to prepare for your homemaking degree. You always were the responsible on who planned ahead. 😉 Love you! I am praying for you, Pal.

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