Posted by: amylamb | June 10, 2010

June 8-10

Picture this: 3rd floor living room, windows open, laundry hanging to dry, Irish tea, and the sounds of Europe humming softly in the background. Don’t forget the satisfaction of finishing the dishes, laundry, and a hot shower approximately 92 seconds before the water went off. This is the life, I tell you.

Kids at the door

By now, my days are kind of blurring together within the sheer delight of merely being here, but I’ll do my best to pinpoint the highlights. Classes started on Tuesday (after a morning of completely yummy banana muffins and a failed attempt at Turkish coffee). I was amused to see the children lining up and patiently waiting for the doors to open (not true) more than half an hour before the class began. We had about fifty children in attendance (hard to count moving objects) and spent the morning sounding out the vowels and singing songs. I think I have already had enough “Father Abraham” to last a lifetime. We’ll transition to “Deep and Wide” tomorrow. 🙂

I went to visit a woman (M)  and her 2-year-old daughter later that afternoon. Three of them live in one room that is packed to the brim, yet she was generous and hospitable. This was my first time to this home, so we spent the time talking about life and the various trials that she is enduring. Pray that a deeper relationship can be established with M – I would really, really love to minister to her.

My first Grammar class was great – each of them are extraordinarily gifted in English (and one gave me a copy of her recently published book in the local dialect!). One element of the class is for each of them to write a story about their lives, so we spent most of the time discussing ideas for these. My only criteria for the content of the stories are that they are true, personal, and revealing. They were very enthusiastic about it, so I’m excited about the end result. Pray that these students will be willing to open up about areas I can minister to through the stories and through the relationships built in class.

I visited a seamstress today who volunteered her stash of fabric scraps for the quilt project with the ladies’ group (and she even hemmed the backing of the quilt for free, despite my persistence – at least I owe her a visit and some Turkish Delight now :)). I found some cords and beads on my search for supplies, so we spent the ladies’ group time today making bracelets and good conversation. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed telling me about their engagement and arranged marriage stories. (Don’t get any ideas, Dad – the wildebeast isn’t worth it!)

The past couple of days has been more classes and home visits, each targeted by the specific purpose of establishing relationships in which meaningful conversations can ensue. I am really longing to share with so many, yet am unable to do so in the context of the center. Pray that these relationships can begin to extend beyond the center and that I will be diligent and discerning in turning conversations to things that matter. Pray also for my health – my stomach has been rebelling the past 3 days and I’m in the early stages of the same cold that plagued 3 of my teammates earlier this week. And that’s not okay.

Oh, and it’s hot now. Which means this city smells more like Europe than ever before. Hallelujah, there’s grace for even that. Eager for all He has in store … it’s good.



  1. Praise God for all going well. Praying for you.

  2. Community … True community has a strong beginning when people open up about their ‘life story’ with one another. Killer first project.

  3. I am glad I was finally able to sit down and read your blog. Praying for you. In God’s time, in His way the relationships will be developed. This is a new season with new ways. He will be faithful to show you. Love you.

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