Posted by: amylamb | June 13, 2010

June 11-13

I have a strange affinity for late night BBC news and Irish tea. I’m not sure what childhood trauma triggered this tendency, but I submit to it often when in Europe. Though this action is repetitive, it is also shortlived due to the proportionally repetitive nature of late night BBC news (and the short life of my cup of Irish tea). Thanks for letting me share my heart with you tonight, this has been liberating.

My apologies, but I fear that the Subtropical Southern European Snot Surplus currently residing within my sinuses is now taking its toll and perhaps the surplus is seeping into my brain. (Insert please pray that the snot would decrease and He would increase here).

Now take a walk with me, if you please, through the weekend. I had two more great classes on Friday, which began with a stampede of girls in the kids class greeting me in the morning with hands full of flowers. They probably stole these from some old lady’s front yard, but I appreciated them nonetheless. Some of my Grammar students also brought me the beginning stages of their stories, and boy are they good. I can’t wait to share them with you.

We spent the better part of the afternoon walking through the city and talking to Dad about it. Trust me, He really, really loves it. I love it, too. Pray for it to show through me.

On Saturday, 4 of us (my partner, my translator, a student, and me) decided to walk to the park. However, 12 kilometers in 94 degree heat was not a walk in the park. Nonetheless, it was redeemed due to some great conversation, the taking of many pictures, and a generally good time. We opened the coffeehouse last night after the walk and had a truly fantastic time together with several students. Thanks to those of you who were praying for laughter, adventure and friendship – it worked.

On a slightly more serious note, a man became seriously injured in a fight on my street this weekend. I heard the commotion and looked out the window just in time to see him stop breathing and go limp. It was a poignant reminder of the urgency of the truth. Pray for this urgency to remain on my heart throughout the duration of my time here.

At the end of a sweet day of rest and worship, I enjoyed a rich time of fellowship and book study with my friend and translator. I am encouraged by the reminder that the Matt. 28 call is not one of mega-strategies with mega-results, but of intentional time spent pouring into only 12 men. I’m thankful that the essence of this mandate lies in the simple times of deep discipleship with only a handful of willing hearts rather than only scratching the surface with the multitudes. Pray for the inner circle of impact to continue to develop and grow.

Ready for another week … the unexpected is ahead. I laugh at the thought.


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