Posted by: amylamb | June 15, 2010

The Sacred Simplicity

He was what the world was waiting for.
But he arrived without ceremony or circumstance.
He chose simplicity.

He came not to draw the multitudes
Organize a convention
Or start a new program.

He came to seek and to save
To touch the nations of the earth
Through twelve ordinary men.

And so he sits around a table
Speaking words of hope and wisdom
To the twelve who didn’t seem to understand.

And yet he didn’t try to change the plan
He simply reclined around a table
And replied, “do this in remembrance of me.”

Two thousand years later, his words are not forgotten
As I sit within an upper room to remember him again
Barefoot, broken and ordinary.

Hearing story after story from lives turned upside down
Through the words of this simple man and his twelve ordinary men.
Glimpsing the Kingdom that is here around the table.

Without ceremony
Without convention
Without program

Only the raw truth from a simple Savior.
I find my home in this sacred simplicity
The simplicity of a Savior who is more than enough for me.

So what offering is there to bring to a simple Savior
Other than a genuine, humbled, broken heart?
In this Kingdom, nothing else is necessary.

“You will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8).



  1. Wow, now that is the Simple Truth. If I could just stay focused on that Simple Truth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s awesome.

  3. I love it… the k.i.s.s. method. When I am telling a story, I naturally want to pull everything I see out of it and just tell to my listeners, but does that really help them… Is God’s Word not strong enough to stand alone? The Gospel is a story and there is GREAT power in that story. I simply, tell the story. Thank you. Oh, and by the way, it is so not fair that you can just write stuff like that. Can you come teach my English class?

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