Posted by: amylamb | June 26, 2010

June 24-26: Choose Your Chicken

I think my favorite feeling in the world is waking up in the morning knowing that the day to come will be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, yet having no idea what the day will actually hold. I wish I could package up this feeling and unwrap it later when the humdrum of normalcy starts taking over again.

Thursday morning and afternoon were spent in women’s group, (the quilt is coming together nicely!) and orientation and planning meetings with the first installment of the volunteer team. They will be doing a summer camp with us next week which will include a sports camp, a kids club, family portraits and community clean-up. After several hours of preparation and gathering supplies, we ventured downtown to enjoy an evening of fellowship, coffee and culture. Pray for the volunteer team to be used to their utmost potential in the upcoming week.

I taught two classes on Friday and visited a friend from the women’s group whose husband was tragically killed in the past year. Friday would have been his first birthday since his death, so I went to visit her and her family on this painful day. The conversation was deeply meaningful and the fellowship incredibly rich. Pray for Dad to meet this family in their suffering and for further opportunities to minister to them.

Today, (Saturday), my translator and I ventured to a nearby village to visit her family. This beautiful village was tucked into one of the most quaintly breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever stepped into. I spent morning and afternoon with this sweet family as they taught me to make flia, an elaborate traditional food cooked over an open fire. They even killed the chicken, milked the cow and picked the salad and peppers for an absolutely succulent meal. Pray that Dad will reach families with his love and unify those who are divided.

The second installment of the volunteer team arrived this afternoon (bringing the total up to 18) just in time for coffee house this evening. We had a full house with half Americans, half nationals and enjoyed the evening together. However, I’m afraid that being around all these Americans is going to worsen my already pronounced (or so I’m told) southern accent. You can add this concern to your prayer list too.

How could He be so good to me?


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