Posted by: amylamb | July 4, 2010

July 1-4: Let There Be Dancing

It’s Sunday afternoon and and I’m enjoying the first quiet day in a while. The volunteer team is on their way back to the motherland and last week’s kids camp was a huge success. We counted 114 kids on Friday with at least 80 more who had passed through during the week. So THAT explains why I’m so tired …

After a day in the old city and a hike through the woods, we threw a gigantic party on the basketball court last night to end the camp. We bought 13 GIGANTIC pizzas (about 217 slices), invited all the kids and parents and and spent the evening enjoying them and getting to know them. This was a catalytic opportunity to establish relationships with so many of the faces in the community. The next week will be spent in follow-up with these new contacts.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was the end of last night’s party. After teaching the kids American dances during the camp, more than 100 people, both Americans and locals, filled the basketball court and danced together until we were all worn out. We also learned the traditional dance of this area, and for this, I feel especially cultured.

At the end of the evening, the volunteer team sang over the people and over the city. Oh, how he loves us.

Ready for another week … and there’s an adventure brewing.

Oh, and it’s Independence Day. Hey, USA, you’re pretty cool.


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