Posted by: amylamb | July 8, 2010

July 5-8: The Eye of a Needle, The Acts 16 Mishap and the Cat Under the Wardrobe

Monday was adventure day. I personally get more excited about adventure day than I do about Christmas. I do not consider this a problem.

I arose with the early morning call to prayer (makes a great alarm clock) and went to the border with a passport in hand and Acts 16:9 as an excuse (come on people, it was convenient, so humor me). Exploring the city and learning of its rich history proved to be more exciting than Christmas. I also became exceedingly grateful for the compass app on Cleo the iPhone and a travel companion with some sense of direction (there’s no such thing as getting lost on an adventure).

Long story short, I was kept by the Spirit in that city for an extra twelve hours (again, convenient reference, work with me here people) and returned home the next day with some Monopoly-esque money in my pocket, another passport stamp and a really great story to tell.

The past several days have been spent teaching classes, visiting with friends and delivering food to some of the poorest members of this community. I’m realizing that it’s very easy to ignore the statistics before you meet them. As I step daily into homes that live below the poverty line, I can’t help but re-evaluate my own lifestyle. Caring for these is the practical mandate to which I was called, and anything less is a misrepresentation of the story that changed my life. So what, then, can I spare? Even my life is but a tiny offering.

The women’s group is one of my greatest joys while I am here. I always look forward to this time of conversation and sweet laughter with these lovely ladies. Because I have ‘young eyes’, I have threaded more needles in the past 5 weeks than ever before in my life. Ironically, it’s the difficult lives of these women that have opened this rich man’s eyes to see through the eye of the needle in a different way than I have previously been aware. The Kingdom is revealed within the least of these.

By the way, there’s a cat who has been hiding beneath a piece of furniture in my apartment for the past 5 days. I’m fairly certain it goes to Narnia every day and comes back in time for dinner. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that being in this city is better than Narnia anyway.

Can I stay forever?


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