Posted by: amylamb | July 12, 2010

July 9-12: Why Not?

Though there are many wonderful things about my job here, perhaps one of the best is that it’s not actually work. Okay, so I teach English classes, but for the most part I just get to play and drink coffee and enjoy life with people. However, if you would prefer the harrowing stories of trial and suffering on the field, I will be happy to make some up for you for a small fee.

Also included in my recent activities:
-Corrupting the minds of young children by teaching fifty young’uns to sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. Southern accents and “Dixie” are TBD.
-Visiting the parents of a student and discussing the fact that my future can’t be read from the bottom of a Turkish coffee cup because “my destiny is too big for that cup to handle”,
-Eating ridiculous amounts of junk food and talking for hours on end with a woman from the Thursday group and her three daughters,
-Purchasing tea party wares in the old city market and wandering somewhat aimlessly around the city for hours just because I can,
-Spending two hours talking about life, culture and eternity in a really cool coffee shop with a new friend,
-Leading the gathering yesterday and having a rich conversation about the greatest commandment with my brothers and sisters here,
-Coaxing the cat out from under the wardrobe, which lasted for approximately 3.26 seconds,
-Watching movies, eating outrageously good fruit and having meaningful conversation with two of my sisters here,
-Learning to cook some local food AND making my first apple pie. Completely from scratch, absolutely scrumptious and filling my refrigerator with enough leftovers to feed a small country. Hey, look, I found one.

Anyway, it’s been a splendid week in the depths of things. However, we’ve definitely felt the warfare more powerfully this week, so much so that we postponed an adventure today in order to rest, recharge, and prepare for the coming week. So much left to do, and so little time … every moment, and every heart, is invaluably precious.

If any of you happen to run into the cat while strolling around Narnia, tell her she’s grounded until she comes back and vacuums up all her hair. K thanks.



  1. You made me lol out loud.

    Love you!

  2. Had to put a Lewis reference in there, didn’t you? Ugh. Haha, lol…glad to see you are still doing well, soak up the time and opportunities you have left.

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