Posted by: amylamb | July 22, 2010

July 18-22: Please Don’t Water The Astroturf

I should’ve taken a tally of how many cups of coffee I have drunk this summer. I’m sure I’m up to at least a zillionty-twelve. Don’t judge, it’s simply the price I have to pay in “becoming all things to all people.” And I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough. Promise.

In other news, I went to the southern part of the country on Monday for no particular reason other than, “because I can”. I climbed up to the highest point in the city to gaze upon the rich history and culture that dwells beneath and tried to count the minarets (I couldn’t). There was also a guy with a jackhammer directly behind me, but I tried not to let that ruin the ambience.

(Please excuse me while I refer to my calendar to find out what I did on Tuesday). Okay, got it. I went to coffee a few times with various friends and talked about life, purpose, success, economics (nerd points) and eternity. It was a pretty splendid day, if I do say so myself.

On Wednesday, we had the graduation for our kids class. I was pretty bummed when it was over because I’ve had way too much fun with these kids this summer. But we watched the Lion King in the local dialect together later, and that made it better (before you ask, the intro to “A Lion Sleeps Tonight” is, in fact, universal). Late that evening, I went to coffee with a dear sister and learned about what it means to be a believer from and within this context. And that’s good stuff, I tell you.

Today was my last women’s group. It was bittersweet. These precious women came today with their finished projects and we applied them to the quilt while I listened to their stories. The quilt isn’t completely finished, but it’s coming together and will be completed in the near future. I suppose I’m not completely finished either.

After spending the afternoon with a family whom I have visited numerous times over the summer, we had our final English class this evening. The final assignment for my Grammar class was to write a real, revealing and personal story about their life and to present the story at the end of the summer. Many of them went beyond the call of the assignment and blew me away with the quality and depth of their stories. The friendships are rich indeed.

Though the project is over for now, the task is not yet finished. I’ll spend the weekend exploring around Southern Europe and be back in this lovely city for two more days before I depart for the motherland. And there’s so much left to do …

Addendum: For the second time this summer, I have encountered someone watering a strip of astroturf with a watering can. This perturbs me to the point that I just felt like I needed to tell someone. That is all.

Additional Addendum: It’s a historic day in this city, and I’m here to see it. Click here for the news article.


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