Posted by: amylamb | July 26, 2010

July 23-26: The Star, The Crescent and the Cross

I remember being a little girl and working really hard on a project – whether it be a fort, a lego construction or a Play-doh masterpiece. When it was finished, I would run to the nearest person I could find: “Come here, come here, fast! You HAVE to see this. Hurry, hurry, I can’t wait to show you!” It didn’t matter what else was going on – my creation was a big deal.

It may sound ridiculous, but when it comes to the ends of the earth, I see God as this eager creator. His creation is a great big world full of indescribable beauty and crammed with immaculate detail, both in landscape and in people. Knowing this Creator is the greatest joy of my life and exploring the reflections of His character through His creation is my next greatest joy. Because this creation is way better than my Play-Doh masterpiece, I am far too intrigued to say no to the call to “come here, come here, fast! You HAVE to see this. Hurry, hurry, I can’t wait to show you!” I don’t want to miss a thing that he made for me to delight in.

So, this weekend, I went to see a little more. I explored a 10th-century monastery in rural Eastern Europe, crashed a Russian Orthodox wedding (accidentally), spent several hours looking at 1st century iconography, found some authentic Nazi memoribilia, set off the alarm in the archaeological museum, hiked through the mountains for a few hours, explored a new city and even used the Cyrillic I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for the past few years. One thing’s for sure: the Creator has done a really splendid job with this place and especially its people.

Speaking of the people, perhaps the most intriguing thing about this adventure was the diversity inherent in the city I visited. In only a few minute walk, I passed several mosques, several Orthodox churches and a synagogue. Each represents the most beloved creation searching for its Creator in a different way. A way that has already found me.

Two more days in this lovely city with this beloved people. It won’t be easy, but it’s beyond worth it.

Just a beggar trying to tell another beggar where I found bread …



  1. Very good Amy. I’m a beggar as well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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