Posted by: amylamb | March 16, 2011


Perspective is a powerful thing. Our perspective shapes our decisions, which affect our own lives and the lives of everyone around us. If your perspective is unfounded, your decisions will be as well. All of our experiences shape our perspective in some way. There, in the experiences of our everyday lives, are truth to discover, convictions to apply and a God who provokes our pursuit of His perspective.

Recently, I’ve been researching the integration of Christianity, conservatism and the purposes of each God-ordained institution in bringing His Kingdom come on earth. That means that everything comes together in Christ-centered perspective: government, church, marriage and family, education, community, you name it. All of this has provoked some big questions like,  “so what? Why does my worldview – my perspective -matter?”

It matters because we are each members of an institution much greater than ourselves, each responsible to contribute and maintain the health of our relationships with and among each of the God-ordained institutions in our lives.

We’re here for a reason. Listen, learn, ask questions,make decisions, and don’t hold back. Pour your efforts and experiences into shaping a perspective founded on truth, because our contribution to this world – and the realm beyond it – matters.


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