Posted by: amylamb | March 24, 2011

Blank Canvas

Our lives are a blank canvas.

I am a compulsive planner. Simply put, I try to keep a tight grip on what fills my canvas. But often I find that my image of what the tapestry of my life should display is distorted, unseemly and not nearly as beautiful as the one my Master has in mind.

The past several months have been ones of profound transition for me. Suddenly, the plans I’ve held in place have begun to be erased and I find myself looking at a blank canvas, at least, in the sense of being completely unbound to anything but the will of the Master. But this canvas is not necessarily empty – it’s the image of boundless possibilities, complete surrender and unprecedented hope for the future.

Every day is but another brush stroke on the canvas, and we must choose who holds the brush. Will I maintain my white-knuckled grip and grow tired and frustrated when the image doesn’t turn out how I had dreamed? Or will I let go, listen well, act wisely, and watch the Master turn my canvas into a tapestry more intricately beautiful than I could have imagined?




  1. Having done the tight grip and then the hands open to the Lord, the latter is definitely the better and much more fulfilling, satisfying, and knowing His amazing love and purpose in the tapestry of my life. It lends to seeing, knowing and glorifying God much more too! It has been a radical transformation the last few years. Praise God!

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