Posted by: amylamb | August 6, 2011

A Better Idea

I did not write the story that I call my own.

I tried. But somewhere along the way, a much better Author looked at my plan and decided that my purpose was too small and my potential was too compromised.

Basically, he had a better idea.

So today, I look back at my story and think, “how did I get here?”
“Where did I take that turn?”
“When did that change so definitively?”
“Why did I make that decision?”
“How did this get so good?”

And then I see – that’s not my handwriting.
In fact, it’s the handwriting of the Author of lives so good that they can only cultivate hope.

The Author who takes realistic expectations and exceeds them with impossible surprises.
The Author who takes unfeasibility and makes it probability.
The Author who takes uncertainty and establishes peace in its place.
The Author who takes the weak and makes them strong.
The Author of a breathing, growing, living hope.

Hope that is the vehicle that gets me from where I am to where I’m going.
Hope that is the motivating force behind every ounce of purpose and potential.
Hope that today can be more than typical.
Hope that I can be more than mediocre.
Hope that is the reason I’m not okay with realistic expectations.
Hope that is an anchor for my soul.
Hope in the author of my story, who will come through again with yet another precedent-shattering chapter.

This story began long before our days came to be. Today, He is at work, weaving these pictures together into an intricately beautiful tapestry that we can glimpse today but truly enjoy only at the end.

And He’s not finished yet.

“LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us” (Isaiah 26:12).



  1. He is so good, isn’t he?!

    I am glad He is writing my story for me… I never did like to write. 😉

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