Posted by: amylamb | August 13, 2011

Make A Map

Sometimes the biggest hindrance to moving forward is determining which step to take next.

It’s easy to get stuck. It’s common for confusion to render us aimless. Eventually, uncertainty can wear us into apathy, which only digs the rut we’re in a little deeper.

This week, I couldn’t sleep. I was too overwhelmed by questions, thoughts, ideas and forgotten tasks to rest. Finally, I had enough of that, so I got up and made a map of my thoughts, emotions, ideas and forgotten little somethings. I awoke the next morning, looked at my map and got to work.

It was the most productive day I’ve had in recent memory – simply because I had a map.

Seth Godin said that successful, indispensable people do two things: exert emotional labor and make a map. (Linchpin, p. 218).

He’s right. Often, I either know what I’m doing but not where I’m going with it, or I know where I’m going but not how to get there. Leaders, however, pour their heart and soul into identifying a destination and determining the next step to getting there. Leaders make a map.

So what tasks, goals or initiatives in your life need a map today? You don’t have to know the whole way. Just pour in the energy, prayer, and seek the counsel necessary to determine the next step.

Regardless of your destination, at least you’ll be one step closer to getting there.

And when you arrive, you’ll have a map showing where you’ve been.


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