Posted by: amylamb | August 29, 2011

The Difference Between Good and Great

Great things don’t come easily. The labor that goes into them is a primary component of their greatness. I think we forfeit great things too often, simply because we’re not willing to put in the effort to upgrade our creation from “good.”

Many of us aren’t motivated to get past “good.” But “good” doesn’t shatter the precedent, shake the status quo or contribute anything truly world-changing. “Great” does.

Think about it:
Beethoven’s music is good, but his deafness made it great.
The Sistine Chapel is good, but the fact that one artist spent four years with his arms extended upward, painting into plaster that dried too quickly, made it great.
Thomas Edison had to try 10,000 ways that didn’t work to find the one that did.
The Son of God had to die to atone for the sins of the world.

The best ideas I’ve ever had were shredded, rewritten, and shredded again countless times before they finally resonated with potential.

Perseverance creates character. How can you expect your work to have the depth you desire without the adversity you avoid?
Please don’t rob the world of the contribution you were created to make because you were too busy, lazy, or afraid to get beyond “good.”Even if you fail, at least you got one step past “good,” and one step closer to “great.”

It’s time to stop taking the easy road and accept the challenge of doing, making, or being something great.
‘Impossible’ is nothing more than an excuse to invest less than your best.



  1. Good post…wait…great post.

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