Posted by: amylamb | September 17, 2011

Facing Your Weakness

Why do we run from our weaknesses?

I have spent the majority of my life trying to stay as far away from math as possible, simply because it’s my weakness. Any encounter with math usually left me frustrated and discouraged, so I ran away from it.

That is, until I decided to get my MBA.

I chose to study Business because I’m not naturally adept with it. I reckoned that following a $100,000+ education, I ought to have learned a field in which I wouldn’t otherwise be the least bit competent. Despite the extra difficulty (understatement), the decision to face my weaknesses with the accountability necessary to overcome them is exactly what this mathematically and analytically timid woman needed.

I think our weaknesses extend farther than our strengths. In other words, it’s harder to avoid weakness than it is to capitalize on strength. My point? Invest in your strengths, but embrace your weaknesses with the tenacity to improve. Don’t spend your life running away from your biggest challenges. There’s incomparable value in the character that emerges from perseverance.

And words cannot describe the satisfaction you receive when you conquer what you used to avoid.



  1. Very exciting Amy. Great post. I agree, attack what you fear.

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