Posted by: amylamb | October 6, 2011


Today, the death of a revolutionary sends a pulse of “what if” through the world. The life of a revolutionary does the same.

We aren’t lacking the buzz about what made Steve Jobs great, but we are lacking the one thing he sought to leave behind: Unconventional thinking.

Steve Jobs changed the world because he wasn’t willing to settle for standard progress. He abolished the standard by solving problems we didn’t know we had. He created a need for cutting-edge before we knew where cutting-edge was. He took the intangible dream of “what if” and placed it in our hands, and more importantly, in our minds.

Leaders see beyond the evident, think beyond the possible and act beyond the accepted. What unseen problems can you begin to solve today? What conventional ways of thinking can you blow away today? But most importantly – what are you called to change today?

It all starts with a little, “what if?”


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