Posted by: amylamb | November 30, 2011

Young but Remarkable

Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta at age 23.
Katie Davis started Amazima Ministries, which provides for thousands of Ugandan orphans, at age 19.
Jesus atoned for the sins of the world at age 33.

They were young, but they were remarkable.
Remarkable because they had the courage to pursue an impossible calling, and the perseverance to fulfill it excellently.
Regardless of the “impossibility” of your calling, you are not too young.
Neither are you too old. But that’s a different blog.
At the risk of sounding unreasonable, in light of this, I have to ask: what are you working on? Perhaps the more appropriate question is, “what are we waiting for?”

I think my generation tends to err on two extremes: excusing ourselves from our call to excellence by delegating it to the older; or forfeiting our call to excellence by demanding it from the older when we have not first learned from them. Nothing remarkable has ever been accomplished by either of these approaches.

It’s time that we, – as individuals and as a generation – resolutely define our mission, carefully craft our strategic vision by humbly listening and learning from the willing wise, and boldly fulfill our call to excellence not despite of our age, but because of it. The world is longing for the motivating energy, innovative perspective and quality leadership of which our generation has an abundance of potential; yet too many of us are using these assets to entertain or excuse ourselves rather than to enrich the world around us.

Your time on earth is too short to start living later. Each new day is another opportunity to grow in “wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man,” and each new day is another investment in the redemptive process – and redemptive mission – of your life. Growth doesn’t happen by hanging around, waiting for the next big thing. As cliché as it may sound, if you want to get growing, then you have to get going.

So let’s talk. What are you working on? Who are you learning from? What are you waiting for? What are you called to contribute, and what are you doing today that contributes to your call?

I don’t know about you, but I have resolved to live remarkably. Come with me.


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