Posted by: amylamb | March 22, 2012

From Apathy to Courage

What if an entire generation had the courage to stop ignoring the difficult questions?

Evidence of our ignorance surrounds us. We watch the headlines scroll across the screen, utter our shallow complaints, and fail to explore the root of the issues that trouble us. We trade a newspaper for a sitcom and start talk of the next big game in exchange for the opportunity to gain wisdom from the person across the table. We sit in classrooms where we merely memorize facts for a test, receive a passing grade, and move on to the next course while failing to question how the knowledge we are given should change us.

Though each of us has the capacity to know what we believe and why we believe it, many still waver in the uncertainty of popular opinion. Perhaps the problem is intellectual apathy: many of us lack the motivation to explore the true nature of the issues in order to find our role therein.

We relegate the responsibility of being informed to legislators on Capitol Hill. We embrace the concept of relativism at the expense of our own convictions that hold our government accountable to the creed that was established by our founders to keep us free. This is intellectual apathy, and it leads to tyranny.

Apathy can also be a symptom of pride. The belief that one is superior to or unaffected by the issues at stake often leads us to disregard our personal responsibility in every national decision. But we fail to recognize that pride, too, can cause the decline of a nation, if it is unaware or unconcerned by the imposing threats.

Our nation is suffering for it. The United States was not founded apathetically or haphazardly, but decisively. By demanding “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind,” our nation was founded on the belief that the integrity of the American people is strong enough to maintain freedom. Our government’s authority is “derived from the consent of the governed,” yet we are mindlessly giving our consent without the conviction necessary to make our progress positive.

It’s time to take the leap from apathy to courage. It’s time to study, explore, dialogue, and decide. It’s time to develop and mature our personal convictions to reflect the principles of freedom, liberty, justice, and equality that hold our nation together.

Please, have the courage to admit that you don’t know and the initiative to find out. Take the time to discover your personal convictions and the tools to defend them. This doesn’t mean we’ll have all the answers, but that we’ll have a standard by which we can understand the implications of our decisions.

Our right to conscience is at stake. I don’t want us to be the generation that gave this right away because we didn’t care to fight for it.



  1. Amy,
    Great article! I’m hearing some good things about you, but mostly from Joe and Mark so you know they are prejudiced. 🙂
    Keep up the good work and REACH OUT to your age group. Y’all are SOOOO important to the future of our Nation and our World.

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