Posted by: amylamb | August 29, 2012

Christ in Community

Okay, I admit it. I’m not very good at church. But I’m learning to look for Christian community through it and even despite of it (read: despite of me).

Maybe I’ve just been painfully unobservant all my life, but, I’m just now realizing that Christ is experienced through community. I know this because he lives through people.

Even in Scripture, he meets people in different places. In fact, he meets them wherever they are. Traveling along the road, sitting by the well, in homes, in synagogues … in unlikely places.

So next time you’re struggling through a church service, or hesitating to answer a call from a distressed friend, or growing weary of spending time with someone … look for Christ.

Look for the moments when hope lights up the eyes of another. Look for evidence of their growth, of their freedom, of God’s relentless pursuit of their devotion.

His redemptive mission is enough to make it (us) worthwhile. Hope in that (Him).

And look for opportunities to be Christ to another, because wherever two or more gather in His name … He is there.

Christ in community. Savor it, for some risk their lives for but a taste of its – of His – goodness.



  1. AMEN!! It is about JESUS!

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