Posted by: amylamb | September 10, 2012

Book Signing Tomorrow!

Once upon a time, I accidentally co-authored a book. It’s been the most rewarding accident I’ve ever had.

I realize it sounds ridiculous when I say I didn’t mean to write a book. I know it sounds even more ridiculous (and probably removes any desire you had whatsoever to read the book) when I say it was written in 3 weeks. But sometimes, the ridiculous ideas are the ones that change everything.

The book titled, “We Forgot! The 7 Unlearned Lessons of 9/11” is especially relevant this week, as we commemorate the eleventh anniversary of September 11.

“We Forgot!” follows the historically-accurate-yet-fictitious Smythe family through the events of Washington’s first inauguration day. Though I won’t spoil any endings, I’m sure you’ll be interested to learn what they found that day – and why it matters to us today as we chart our way through the aftermath of September 11.

This year, we’ll be spending September 11 commemorating the anniversary in a book signing and presentation at Page & Palette in Fairhope, AL, from 6-8 p.m. Come learn more about the story behind and within the book. You can find more information here. Hope to see you there!
For your own copy of “We Forgot! The 7 Unlearned Lessons of 9/11,” click here.

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