Posted by: amylamb | March 8, 2013

In the Midst of His Work

In the midst of all the “gloom and doom” of current events, hope can seem a little fickle. Every positive headline appears to be accompanied by two that are negative, thus perpetuating our chronic fear of bad news.

Sometimes I hesitate to offer hope in fear of sounding unrealistic. But then I remember where God tends to work: from within the “gloom and doom”, so to speak.

We tend to forget that redemption is more than idea, but an active change agent. It’s exactly what happens when Christ enters the picture, and nothing can remain the same in its wake.

Though redemption — the process of bad turning into good — seems unrealistic, followers of Christ bear witness to its power.

We have seen lives snatched from the brink of irreversibly destructive choices.
We have seen relationships restored when bitterness departs and grace takes up residence in its place.
We have seen the most vivid glimpses of God in the midst of our brokenness — not through our wholeness.
We have seen our own stubborn and prideful hearts humbled, transformed, and given a purpose far greater than we could manufacture for ourselves.
Because there, in the brokenness, conflict, and despair, is where He works.

So no matter where you are or how grim your circumstances may seem, the simple act of being there with a heart committed to the mission of Christ and and ears sensitive to His voice positions you in the midst of His work.

Followers of Christ, don’t shrink back from the “gloom and doom” today. Step into it honestly, not minimizing the severity of hardship but maximizing the message of hope you have to proclaim. We can be confident of this: that when all is said and done, the hope and redemption of Christ proves much bigger than our trials.



  1. […] My colleague at the University of Mobile, Amy Wright, writes on redemption. And also here. […]

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