Posted by: amylamb | April 19, 2013

Come, Lord Jesus

Nothing captures the collective attention of the world like tragedy.
Though “these are the days that try men’s souls,” these days are not new to us … for the souls of men have been tried each day since we first fell victim to sin’s curse. 
These are the days in which the common voice of humanity rises over the aftermath as if to say to the victims, “we are with you.” These are the days when we all set aside the hustle of our daily lives to lament over the reminder that “all manner of thing” is not yet well. These are the days when we remember that truly, there is far more to unite us as Americans than there is to divide us.
Though some tragedies are the result of deliberately evil intentions, others are simply horrible accidents. These are reminders that each day is beyond our control and that this world is not our home.
Even more sobering is the reality that the same potential for evil that resides in the perpetrators of every evil tragedy resides in us as well.
. . . And yet, He came.
Christ came to dwell among the tragic, the ignorant, the victimized, the forgotten, and even the evil.
He came to make all things new — and he came to start with us.
Yes, these are the days that try men’s souls. But the souls of men have still endured, though only through the grace of God who is present even in evil’s wake. His presence is enough for us. And when nothing else can be said or done, His presence, still, is enough.
“Come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

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