Posted by: amylamb | September 12, 2013

Who I’m Supporting for AL01 (And Why)

As an undergraduate student, I met a man with big ideas. He spoke with such truth and conviction that I was stirred to action, despite my disdain for politics. The core idea he conveyed is this:

“…absolutely no good reason exists to keep religion, or people of faith, from the American public square. … If faith and reason inform each other, as believers know they do, then one cannot force faith to withdraw without ensuring that the results will be significantly less than fully reasonable” (Faith Belongs in Politics, 2012).

The idea that faith and politics could — in fact, must — work together was revolutionary to me. In fact, it sparked the largest research project I have ever undertaken, a work in which the acknowledgements bear the name of the man with big ideas: Quin Hillyer.

My point: great things happen when big ideas collide with the ability to do something about them. Though many candidates are in the running for the September 24 election, Quin stands out because he has both the ideas and the ability.

Quin’s unwavering integration of faith and politics is exactly what our nation needs. Further, his experience is such that he can hit the ground of Capitol Hill running full speed ahead toward the conservative values that are essential to a healthy future.

As a nationally known conservative columnist, Quin has the rapport, experience, and sound judgment necessary to be a productive congressman. Though he is not a career politician, his profound understanding of political, cultural, and religious realms enables him to quickly evaluate the possible implications of every decision. His faith compels him to advocate solutions that are, at their core, redemptive.

The proper intersection of faith and politics is enough to change the course of history. With Quin in Congress, it will.

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